This summer is mint green

When the summer started, I felt greasy every day.

In order to avoid the whole person looking too dull, so maybe everyone chooses light-colored clothes (black is easy to absorb). As the title says, summer is mint green.

mint green

❤  New year’s big show-mint green makes people shine

The Alberta Ferretti 2021 early spring series also launched a lot of mint green ready-to-wear garments, using tie-dye technology to create a gradual visual effect. The texture is a bit like the texture on the peel of a melon, which is interesting ▼

The mint green figure appeared on the MaxMara 2021ss show, the cool windbreaker, and the suit with big pocket design are very eye-catching, breaking through the shackles of traditional earth colors, and the shape becomes full of vitality ▼


❤ Daily collocation recommendation-mint green + white

White is the basic model. I think everyone has a deep understanding.


The knitted vest itself is a single product that looks a little hot, and mint green makes the knitted vest a lot refreshing. I also cleverly used cotton and linen pants to weaken the sense of knitting. This kind of light and heavy collocation idea can also refer to ▼

The mint green half skirt is still quite recommended to match with a white vest. If you think it is plainer, the striped style will be more suitable ▼

On the other hand, a mint green T-shirt with a white skirt is also a good choice▼

White T should wear a fresh summer style. Compared to jeans, we recommend wide-leg pants in mint green~▼

The translucent white shirt and high heels make this Look more intellectual. If you usually like to go in a mature style, you can actually try this light-colored item ▼

The white doll collar shirt and vest are stacked, full of retro girlishness, and the pale pink beret adds a lot of sweetness ▼

Gentle beige and mint green are also a perfect match, not necessarily upper body clothes or skirts, accessories such as mobile phone cases and bags can also be applied~▼