How to take care of fur products?

Fur products seem to have always been at the forefront of fashion, and they are an indispensable fashion element in the wardrobe of beauty lovers. Many luxury brands start with fur products.

In the long history, fur products have always had a strong color. From primitive society, people have used animal skins as a tool to keep warm, until the nobles of civilized society used animal skins as a symbol of wealth. Today, various popular items in the hands of designers, colorful fur slides, and temperament sheepskin vests, Or deerskin motorcycle jackets, or the recently popular Parka, leather bags, fur keychains, etc. beloved by big brands.

Good fur products are not only expensive, but also can be used for a long time, so ‘how to take care of fur products’ has become an important course for us.

What are the factors that damage the fur?

Temperature: The overheated and dry environment will make the fur of fur products dry and darken. In severe cases, your fur products will become brittle and cause varying degrees of damage.

Light: Ultraviolet rays can damage your fur products, and oxidation will darken their color.

Pests: Pests and insects can leave holes under the fur, causing damage or stains

Fur products must be cleaned and maintained annually to ensure that you extend the life of fur products and maintain their beauty.

We have summarized some suggestions for your reference.


How to take care of fur products daily?

1.Please let them have a dry and comfortable environment

Regardless of your fur coat or fur bag, you need to keep them in a dry, spacious place. Moisture will cause them to rot. Daily friction will cause them to shed hair and squeeze will cause deformation. No matter which point I think you don’t want to see.


2.Cotton clothes storage bags are your common products.

Fur products are easy to accumulate dust and odors, you can refer to your hair after grilling… the chef will have a chef hat, and animal skin products also need its protection. When you no longer use them, or to eat oil fume For large foods, such as barbecue, hot pot, etc., please keep them in the clothes storage bag. Cotton bags are a very good choice.


3.Bad weather fur products are also very annoying!!!

Do you remember the first suggestion? Humidity can make fur products rot. When you encounter rain or snow, how to deal with fur products getting wet?
First, you shake it to remove as much rain as possible, and then hang it in a place with natural ventilation. Do not use hair dryers, clothes dryers, or hang them on air-conditioning vents or any other source of hot air. After it dries, shake it gently to make its fur fluffy. You can gently care for it with your hands. If your fur If fur products such as coats or fur bags are completely wetted with water, please send them to a professional fur care center in time for professional care.

4.Hairspray, perfume, mothballs, smoking, and any other products in the form of spray are a kind of damage to your fur coat.

Remember the second point, fur is easy to accumulate dust and odor. So please don’t spray perfume, hairspray, or other sprays on fur products, or smoke, and don’t use mothballs when you store them, to prevent them from being contaminated with strange smells that cannot be removed.




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