1. A fur coat needs a good pair of legs
You have to follow the rules of tightness and tightness, and to echo the sexy elements of fur. Fur coats are basically tight pants/pencil pants/leather pants/pants. Since fur is already a very strong item, the bottoms should be kept in a simple style.
If the legs are not long and thin enough, you should wear pointed/stiletto/high heels. A pair of sports shoes and big round-toed leather shoes will not match the sexy style of fur.

2. Let’s have a fur vest, it’s not that strong and suitable for girls of all shapes.

3. I strongly recommend the simplest fur element-fur scarf
Whether you are from the south or the north, a fur scarf is enough to make you countless heads back.Put it on coats and coats at will, and instantly upgrade your autumn and winter styles! A fur scarf can be matched with different coats, all kinds of fur coats are available immediately! Is a practical match star! Moderate warmth is not exaggerated.

4. You can also come with a fur hat

The most fashionable people wear fur for the winter, have they gotten it?