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Mink Fur Caterpillar Doll Plush Toy doll keychain


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Mink fur doll keychain

Cute and bitch?

Yes, I can’t find a male adjective to describe a very special mink caterpillar plush toy super-cute doll keychain.

There are so many colors, it looks dazzling and difficult to choose from.

Each one is very cute and the mink fur is very soft. , Very comfortable, they are very fluffy.

The length of 12cm is not big or small.

If you want to give your bag some new feeling, this cute little bug is very suitable to try.

or as a gift for your girlfriend, friends, especially children, I think they will like it.

The raw furs of all fur-related products on this website are imported from professional breeding farms. The furs that have been scientifically cultivated have a more original luster and thicker fur.

No poaching of protected wild animals


Quality, thick, soft, beautiful by YOURSFUR

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Product Name: Mink fur doll keychain


Size: 12cm


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  • Real colors may vary slightly from the color on your screen. Check this product on several screens to have a better view.

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Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 15 cm

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