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Olive Green Cute Pom Keychain


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Cute mink fur pom ball keychain

The mink fur Cute Pom keychain is a plush toy lady’s handbag pendant. The surface is made of real mink fur. It feels comfortable on the hand. The keyring is made of metal material. The pressing design can be easily hung wherever you want it to appear. The circle part has two shapes: a love shape and a flower shape, the size that you can easily hold with one hand easily matches any size backpack.

Pom ball lanyard, each bag can be matched with a different effect, whether it is a trendy bucket bag, a lady’s shoulder bag, or a small coin purse, it turns out that fur is not only luxurious but also cute.

It is very cute and suitable as a car keychain or your apartment Cute Pom keychain. If you often need to find your key, you may just need it.

When your bucket bag, shoulder bag, coin purse, etc. have been used for a long time, it is better to match it with an ornament to bring new life to your leather bag. If you love luxury leather bags, luxurious mink fur accessories can be used together to highlight your temperament.

The fur mink Cute Pom keychain can also be used as your pet’s toy or collar bell because it is light and small, but for your pet’s safety, please remove the metal buckle part on it.

The raw furs of all fur-related products on this website are imported from professional breeding farms. The furs that have been scientifically cultivated have a more original luster and thicker fur.

No poaching of protected wild animals


Quality, thick, soft, beautiful by YOURSFUR

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Product Name: Colorful cute pom keychain


Colour: Milk tea color/White/Light gray/Mung bean paste/Dack Grey/Ginger/Burgundy/Cream/Plum pink/Caramel/macaron pink/Baby pink/Sunset purple/black/Olive green

Size:about 6cm(about 2.4 in)


  • Made of high-quality real mink fur
  • Metal keyring(There are two shapes of the lobster clip, please contact us after you place an order, give us your product order number, and note the pattern you need, if you do not note, we default to the love pattern

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  • Support unconditional refund

Additional information

Dimensions 6 cm

Milk tea color, White, Light gray, Mung bean paste, Dack Grey, Ginger, Burgundy, Cream, Plum pink, Caramel, macaron pink, Baby pink, Sunset purple, black, Olive green


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