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Authentic red fox tail Keychain For Bag Fur Tassel


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Red fox tail keychain fur tassel accessories

Fox tail jewelry is often used for backpack/mobile phone/purse/car decoration pendants. If you like cosplay, I believe this is also an essential item that you feel indispensable for playing anime characters or games. It can provide a high degree of reduction for characters such as Ahri, Nine-Tailed Fox, Bawei, Inuyasha, Tamamoyama, etc, Of course, it is also a fun sex toy for you and your partner. Because its furry can also be used as a pet’s toy, creating a happy time for you and your pet.

Because it is a real animal tail for a red fox tail Keychain charm pendant, it is soft and comfortable to touch. The appearance is also very fluffy. Because it is a natural growth, each fox has a large tail and rich fur that is unique. If you like the fluffy touch, then this genuine fox fur bag fur tassel is definitely a fashion item you can’t miss, and the fox tail will never go out of style.

The raw furs of all fur-related products on this website are imported from professional breeding farms. The furs that have been scientifically cultivated have more original luster and thicker fur.

No poaching of protected wild animals


Quality, thick, soft, beautiful by YOURSFUR

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20 in stock


Product Name:  Genuine red fox tail Keychain bag fur tassel


Colour: original fur color

Item number: K-88-Gun-16

Size: 10inches/25.4cm

Material: Red Swift Fox Tail

Occasion: Suitable for outdoor activities, such as skiing, cycling, skating, outdoor activities, mountaineering, etc.

Gifts: Christmas gifts, Halloween gifts, birthday gifts, Spring Festival gifts


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