One of the easiest ways to stand out of any crowd is by accessorizing your outfit with a fur scarf. This classic piece effortlessly adds that little pop to any ensemble and it does so without breaking the bank.

One of our favourite fur fashion blogs, Fur Insider, recently did a story on fur scarves, explaining the many benefits of this chic accessory, “Want a quick way to turn jeans and a t-shirt into an acceptable evening look? Throw on a scarf. Turn a plain black evening dress into an unforgettable red carpet worthy look by adding a chic fur scarf. The Fall 2019 season has taken this classic accessory and given consumers something to look forward to.

Just like a flowing mane of hair, the elongated scarf is sexy, flirty and adds a dash of mystique.

Long scarves are rich looking and elegant, you will experience an instant attitude change in one and go from feeling drab to fab in a heartbeat. Pair one with a cashmere coat for the ultimate winter chic look or try adding it on top of jeans and a t-shirt for a completely different look.

Short scarves offer something different than a long scarf yet are equally as stylish. A short scarf is perfect for an elegant look and designers often pair this piece with dresses. Fur Insider puts it perfectly when they write, “scarves have become far more light weight and versatile, especially when it comes to fur scarves. The advancements in knitting have made fur scarves lighter, more breathable and far easier to wear year round.”

Treat yourself the must have accessory this fall/winter, you will instantly fall in love with this chic piece…don’t say we didn’t warn you!