Delivery methods

We will ship the item within two working days after you place your order.
For all items, we offer free standard shipping. Most of our delivery work is done through China Post and provides 14-28 working days of service.
If you need faster items, we can provide fast commercial express service and provide 3-7 working days service. The price depends on the location, and you can view the offer by adding the item to the cart and selecting a destination.

“Important Notice” Packages and items must be inspected within 48 hours of receipt and any damage must be reported within this time frame. Please note that if your package is not delivered within the expected time, please contact us so that we can track the package for you-after 28 days from the expected delivery date, we will not be able to claim the lost items and contact the courier, so it may be possible Unable to track undelivered items. This may then affect any refund requests or other items that have been issued.

If you are not home when you try to deliver, the courier should try 2 more deliveries. If the item is still not delivered, return it to us. If you’ve received your delivery card but couldn’t pick it up before returning it, please contact us to discuss our return sender policy. We will not refund the postage for items returned to the sender.

Please check all shipping information carefully before submitting your order. If we must contact you to update incorrect information, your order will be delayed.

If your tracking information indicates that your package has arrived but has not been received, you must contact the shipping company and contact them directly to resolve the issue. We are not responsible for packages that have been declared by the carrier. We will not refund or refund packages that have been confirmed by the carrier for delivery.

If you have a shipping issue, or if you want to track a package and need a tracking number, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.