About us

Established in 2000 as a sub-brand of URSFUR, YOURSFUR is a professional fur brand.

Fur products are warm products that have been used since Homo sapiens. At that time, people hunted to obtain food, and the remaining fur was made into blankets and fur coats, which not only covered their bodies, but also played a role in keeping warm from the cold.

Later, fur products appeared in the court or the wardrobe of the wealthy, and they became more fashionable and gorgeous after tailoring.

After the Industrial Revolution, people’s productivity has been improved, their lifestyles have changed, and people have a different pursuit of beauty. Therefore, more people have emerged to fight for fashion. They have made fur products more diversified, and fur is not available. It is a product enjoyed solely by the nobles of the palace.

With the development of the times, today’s fur products have evolved into their current state, colorful and in different shapes. Whether it’s a show or a fashion magazine, its attributes range from keeping warm at the beginning, to the symbol of power, to today’s beautiful and fashionable items, whether it is as large as fur coats, as small as fur gloves, fur hats or fur scarves, It can be seen that fur products shine all over the world.

YOURSFUR is also involved in the love and pursuit of fur, looking for a balance between environmental protection and beauty, letting fur depart from the stereotypes of traditional people, making fur products more youthful, and making young people who love fashion and love life find Suitable and comfortable ones can represent their own products.

Brand concept: Nothing is happier than being yourself.

Brand principle:

YOURSFUR, as a contemporary and responsible company, takes environmental protection as the premise to provide contemporary young people with warm, fashionable and distinctive fur products.

Brand products:

With the continuous development of the brand, we have gradually developed fur coats, fur scarves, fur gloves, fur hats, fur bags, and fur accessories.

Brand advantage:

Complete production line: YOURSFUR  has a complete industrial chain from the import, processing, design, and sales of fur prairie materials. And professional fur product designers,

Abundant cross-border experience: once provided processing services for fur distributors in Russia, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Poland, France, Germany, etc., and created its own independent brand in 2000

Guarantee the timeliness of the product: have a stable cooperative relationship with DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and Chinese agents.

Perfect after-sales service: You can contact us through social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

Or customer service email: service@yoursfur.com.We will reply to your message as quickly as possible. Due to the time difference, please wait for a while.