The battle for the 2021 early autumn series of major brands has quietly started at the end of 2020, and they are submitting an answer sheet for the magical 2020.



In the Moschino2021 early autumn series, the designer splits and breaks the social connotation of clothing fabrics such as denim, windbreaker, leather, and fur, and then splices and reassembles them. These elements have found a new harmonious coexistence pattern this season, as the leopard print. This popular evergreen element meets fur and combines them with traditional color fabrics to successfully embrace the high profile of leopard print.

Not to mention the metal luster chain element, when it collides with the leopard print, just shout love (if you are a leopard print control)


What is the Colorful fur bags, meeting cartoon decorations? Do you like this combination?

                              Other styles















The traditional ladies suit meets the warm leopard print,the neat tailoring design highlights the gentle and capable beauty of women.




















In Dsquared2’s 2021 early autumn series, the designer shows the vitality of women freely. It is different from Moschino’s simplicity. Although the same leopard print and denim elements are used, the Dsquared2 series uses pendant accessories, lace tights and fur coats. The mix and match of, presents another kind of freewheeling, lively and energetic casual feeling.


Christian Dior

Christian Dior will continue the retro in the new season. The enthusiastic leopard print, the brightly colored contrast fur, and a large number of sequin embroidery are matched together, nostalgic and passionate.









The wool coat with high saturation color, matching the tulle skirt with the same color and black women’s leather shoes is simple and direct. Bright colors and transparent elements are the focus of Dior2021 early autumn women’s wear.





























The golden curly coat without buttons is matched with the same color gauze skirt, headwear and bag, and there is partial black embellishment in the unity and harmony.















Marina Moscone


Designers at Marina Moscone used elements such as pleated skirts, rugby shirts and sports jackets to design, but simplified fur elements without complicated colors or exaggerated designs. The leather is made of mink. Mink fur is characterized by neat lines, soft and comfortable, as a match to show the overall simplicity of the design. I probably wanted to say that I shouldn’t have come down here (I guess). No matter what, it’s cool.

Avocado green has been really popular in recent years, with a black mink collar,Full of aura, right?










The round neckline and fringed earrings will reduce the aggression of the black mink element. It is also a metal chain fur bag, and there is no other complicated decoration. The whole is clean and neat.
























Simple and lightweight mink collar